Inflatable water slide KRYVULKA

Inflatable water slide KRYVULKA-3 Dimensions of Inflatable water slide KRYVULKA-3

Inflatable water slide KRYVULKA – a new way to rethink the design and functionality of a small slide for young visitors. This slide has an integrated pool for descent and the second pool as a base of the slide. This combination of components reduces the overall cost of the complex and increases the number of usage scenarios.

Colors and configuration can be changed by the customer.

KRYVULKA Inflatable water slide details


Length L, m 8.8
Length of track LT, m 4.7
Starting height HS, m 3
Width of slide WS, m 1.6
Total width WT, m 3.7
Width of track W, m 0.65
Length of pool LP, m 2.35
Width of pool WP, m 1
Depth of pool H, m 0.65
Weight, kg 80
Price (PVC fabric 800 g/m²), Euro -

In the package:

  • water slide
  • electrical blower
  • mechanical blower
  • transportation bag
  • retaining cord
  • repair kit
  • manual


  • electrical water pump


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