Inflatable katamarans

Fully inflatable сatamaran

Fully inflatable сatamaran

Fully inflatable сatamaran
Fully inflatable catamaran dimensions

Fully inflatable catamaran dimensions

Inflatable catamarans GAIRSPORT – an excellent solution for recreation, rafting, fishing. The catamaran is fully packed in a compact bag that fits any car. Additionally, the catamaran can be equipped with a transom. The catamaran deck is made of a removable light and durable mesh.

Colors and configuration can be changed by the customer.

Catamarans details


Model Cat-5 Cat-6
Length L, m 5.25 6.3
Height of hull HH, m 0.6 0.7
Width W, m 2.3 2.6
Length of deck LD, m 3.125 3.75
Width of deck WD, m 1.3 1.4
Weight, m 18 22
Price (PVC fabric 800 g/m²), Euro 565 655

In the package:

  • catamaran
  • mechanical air pump
  • transportation bag
  • repair kit
  • manual


  • electrical blower
  • paddles
  • transom


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